Building the ship

To embark on our journey to becoming an Ocean Positive brand, we want to ensure that we have a solid ship to sail the waves. This pillar, building the ship, represents our business’ foundation and for this reason, at North Sails we are working hard on the actions that will allow us to reduce our impact on the planet alongside regenerative activities, whilst always paying the highest attention to the people behind our products. We are therefore focusing on three key areas: Ocean Conservation, Products and Supply chain.

Ocean Conservation

About 97% of Earth's water is in the ocean, which covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. Ocean has a fundamental role in regulating our climate and weather patterns, producing 50% of the oxygen on Earth. Therefore, we are supporting projects that focus on preserving oceans’ biodiversity and ecosystems.
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At North Sails, we are aware of the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet. Therefore, we are committed to reducing the impact of our products by continuously researching innovative materials and fibers for our collections and by using the most responsible manufacturing processes available.
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Supply Chain

We recognize the value of the work done by people in our supply chain and we also acknowledge the importance of knowing where our clothing is coming from. We work to put initiatives in place, aimed at increasing traceability and transparency, always ensuring that the highest standards in terms of human and labor rights are respected.