We are North Sails

We are surfers and sailors. We are wake-boarders and windsurfers. We are kiters and campaigners. We are the wind and the waves. We are brave and bold. We are dreamers and doers. We are uncompromising and unrelenting. We are pushed by the wind and pulled by the ocean.

We are the horizon

We are prepared and ready for what comes next. Exploring the unknown doesn’t scare us. It drives and inspires us—no matter what’s on the horizon.

We are the elements

We are the wind, the waves, and everything in between. With purpose and pride, we bring the untameable spirit of the ocean to everything we do.

We are lasting icons

We are built to last a lifetime. Through our products and our people, and how both help us protect the health of the ocean to preserve it for future generations.

Our ambassadors

To bring the narrative behind We Are North Sails to life, we carefully selected four ambassadors whose professional lives and connection to the ocean and sustainability made them natural, authentic choices to tell North Sails’ story.

We are the Sailor Jacket

Designed as the comfortable replacement to bulky foul weather gear, the Sailor Jacket combines style, function and performance. Its design and spirit hasn’t changed much since 1989. Now, the iconic original has evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of today—and our vision for a more sustainable tomorrow.